As both a life & health coach, I look at more than what is on your plate because health is more than what you put on your fork. It is anything you allow to touch you – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically! My motto is: courage then wellness, courage then conquer. Let’s activate that courage & inner resilience and get you into the healing fast lane.

Currently open for enrollment are these programs & packages:

the breakthrough program – setting yourself up for continued success: say goodbye to your sick days with a new mindset & knowledge on how to bust through those debilitating symptoms!

This program takes place over the period of four months. We will meet 1:1 every two weeks and make simple changes at your pace to bring about lasting change to your life. Support, a safe space, inspiration and accountability is provided in each session to maximize your healing potential. I use and teach various methods to help bring you lasting change, such as visualization, written exercises, and tapping. This program is completely customized to your goals- the way your healthcare plan should be!

The breakthrough program is ideal for those that do have an idea of what they would like to improve but need help breaking it down step by step. Experience victory after victory in your mindset and approach to living with an autoimmune disorder or chronic condition! I’ll teach you how to optimize your sleep, nutrition, schedule and relationships to foster a positive, supportive environment that will allow you to heal and LIVE your life. You’ll complete the program knowing how to tap into your inner resilience and find lasting momentum and create habits that stops the backsliding from ever happening again.

$230/month, including email support between sessions

living with lyme- 6 weeks to stability: click here for full program details.

the evolve program: my VIP program is an intense 8 weeks together, meeting weekly and with unlimited email support. I’ll teach you how to build the perfect care and support teams, how to make your protocol work for you, and how to nail down the foundational pieces to healing- sleep, stress, reading your body, and much more. We’ll design and build a treatment plan that works FOR you, not against you. All prep for doctors appointments, grocery shopping and care appointments will be done together in order to empower you to be in control of your health once and for all.

Have a roadblock or two of your own? No problem. We’ll address your needs right away, as well as all of the above. Anything you need to overcome, we will break down and get to the root of. Together. The way health care is meant to take place.

This program also includes me working with your doctor, therapist, family members, to ensure that your healing needs are understood and addressed by everyone involved in your journey. It is VITAL that everyone is on the same page and I am happy to do what I can to ensure this happens.

$597/month for 2 months

To decide if my health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free strategy session with me over the phone. Making sure we are a good fit to work together is important to me.