To start feeling better, you need to look at more than what is on your plate –because health is more than what you put on your fork. It is anything you allow to touch you – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically!

Coaching is a way to provide you with a safe space to encounter clarity, confidence and your road map to recovery. I will help you examine your life with fresh eyes and lead you towards different approaches that will let you begin healing your diagnosis from the inside out. Together we will uncover the layers that are weighing you down and work to set you free from those burdens- whether they are physical, emotional, or mentally based. This often leads to a total life transformation for my clients! The goal is to find results, not spend precious time and energy on what is not working.

Currently open for enrollment are these programs & packages:

the breakthrough program – setting yourself up for continued success: say goodbye to your sick days with a new mindset & knowledge on how to bust through those debilitating symptoms!

This program takes place over the period of four months. You and I will meet 1:1 every two weeks and make simple changes at your pace to bring about lasting changes. Support, a safe space, inspiration and accountability is provided in each session to maximize your healing potential. I use and teach various methods to help bring you breakthroughs, such as visualization, written exercises, and tapping. This program is completely customized to your goals- the way your healthcare plan should be!

The breakthrough program is ideal for those that have an idea of what they would like to improve but need help breaking it down step by step. Experience victory after victory in your life with an autoimmune disorder or chronic condition! I’ll teach you how to optimize your sleep, nutrition, schedule and relationships to foster a positive, supportive environment that will allow you to heal and LIVE your life. Along the way you will find true momentum forward, and a way to create habits that stop you from backsliding ever again. You’ll complete the program knowing how to tap into your inner resilience to finish the long road of recovery– for good! By the end of our time together, you should feel like you have the tools you need to continue forward in the driver’s seat.

$230/month, including email support between sessions


What happens during a session?

Anything is possible! We may design a treatment protocol that works for you, NOT against you. We may brainstorm ways on how to help your doctors/counselors/family members see what you are experiencing, prep for your next appointment or work on a specific hurdle you are facing. I am a guide, teacher and educator- what you want to learn, I am happy to show you. Growth will occur from mutual curiosity and our vested interest in overcoming your hurdles.

Expect each appointment to start with going over your progress, what did or did not work for you, and troubleshoot the problems you are having with fitting your protocol into your daily life. We will always end on a high note, with you feeling encouraged and uplifted. I make it a point to leave you with several choices on how to move forward. The power is always in your hands.

What can I expect to gain from working with you?

  • Foundational concepts to recovery- how to learn what your body is saying and react in a way that is positive and healing.
  • How to find, hire and work with the best doctors and care providers you need.
  • How to juggle the stress of your responsibilities to your family and employer while putting yourself first at all times.
  • How to shift your mindset to find a better view of what you are living in.
  • How to find opportunities to change how you are feeling by changing your thought patterns.
  • Become an expert in reading your symptoms, thoughts, moods and habits to decode a problem down to the root and how to eliminate it using holistic methods in the comfort of your home.

Expect growth! Want to know how to control your entire healing journey and not be brought down by naysayers, negative doctor experiences or frustrating circumstances? I’ve got you covered. Those who are open to new things are the ones that experience the most breakthroughs.

What exactly do you do as my coach?

I like to say that I am part teacher, part therapist, and part bartender. There is no situation I haven’t heard before! As a coach I have met with my clients’ doctors, counselors and family members to help educate them on the symptoms they are living with. I can demonstrate how you can prepare your home, mind and self for upcoming appointments and treatments. Think of me as the middle man- it is my job to research and draw on my experience to discover potential treatments for you and help you implement them. Your job is to evaluate those options and implement what feels good. I minimize stress, serve as someone who can reflect back what you are truly seek, and help you navigate this process along the way.

living with lyme- 6 weeks to stability: this is an intense program for those who are serious about getting well. This is my VIP program- you’ll have unlimited access to me but I work with limited people at a time. Please email me if you are interested in this high level program. Be ready to sweat– the results will be worth it.

Custom programs are always an option if you are facing something particularly challenging. Please email for info.

To decide if my health coaching is right for you, I invite you to schedule a free strategy session with me over the phone. Making sure we are a good fit to work together is important to me.