a peek into the life of a health coach::

The life of a health coach may seem glamorous from the outside, but we are just like everyone else. Today I’m sharing a behind the scenes peek into my personal life, hoping to show the few staple habits that keep me feeling strong and living life well. Read on for a bit of our laid back back every day life!



7-8 am:: wake up. My son usually hops in bed with me to snuggle and chatters away until we’re ready to go downstairs for breakfast.

8-9 am:: breakfast for Liam and morning routine for me. The two of us eat a modified Paleo type diet. He loves oatmeal with berries or gluten free pancakes, which we make on Saturday mornings. I stick with a protein and veggies, usually chicken sausage or turkey meatballs with brussel sprouts, asparagus, or sauteed greens. While he munches away, I dose out his herbs, work on drinking my celery juice and journal. Each morning I jot down 7 things I am grateful for, and then go on to write out affirmations, prayers and goals. I usually finish with time in my Bible and prayers for the day. My celery juice will have settled in my empty stomach by then and I’ll be ready for breakfast myself.


9-10 am:: breakfast for me, Liam plays, I get ready for the day. I like to be dressed, done with the little things and sitting down at my computer to work by 10 am. A slow start to the morning maximizes our digestive systems and eases us into the day. I love our easy going first few hours of the day!

10 am- 1 pm:: work time. One of my healthy habits is to complete the most important task by 11 am each morning. I believe in putting my best energy forward into something that will lend to my day feeling productive, no matter how I may be feeling. Thankfully, I have had minimal symptoms so my to do lists have been shorter. I’ve been able to really pour energy into some of the larger projects I have going on. I like blocking off my mornings to focus on back office tasks, like emails, blog posts and planning out financials. Coaching sessions tend to take place later in the day.

1-5 pm:: wind down. If it’s a preschool day, I will drop Liam off and go back home to wrap up work for the day. He still naps, so another crucial healthy habit for me, is to take his nap time to relax myself. Even if I don’t nap, I will catch up on emails, do a detox bath, or read a book. I always do this with my afternoon smoothie which contains most of my supplements for the day. Mid day pauses let me reset, refocus and slow down. It is easy to get caught up in the fastfastfast pace of life which only causes my stress levels to rise and doesn’t serve my body in any way. My 2 pm break is one of my favorite parts of the day!

5-8 pm:: our evenings tend to be different every night. I may hold a coaching session, have some 1:1 time with Liam, catch up on chores around the house, or go over research for work or chill out with a book to read. Sometimes Liam’s body needs some extra support so we’ll do a detox bath for him, functional neurology play therapy, or make some healthy snacks together.

830 pm:: bedtime for Liam. I consider my day over at this point. My last cemented healthy habit is to quit when he goes to sleep. I’ll make a list of what needs to be done the next day and walk away from it. Showing yourself love is incredibly important. When getting ready for bed myself, I will shower, flow through my yoga stretches, eat a snack and then turn the lights out. I’ll play binaural beats, nature oriented music or a comedy episode (audio only! my screen is always turned facedown) to listen to as I drift off. Struggling with quality sleep is still my most prevalent symptom; keeping my bedtime routine solid is how I ensure I give each night my best shot.



That’s our usual day!

-Morning routine of gratitude, journalling, devotions each day.

-Get the most important task of the day done by 11 am.

-Rest when Liam rests.


What are your foundational habits for a productive, healthy day?