out of the fog, part three;

out of the fog part three; so there i was, a brand new mom, sleep deprived but so so happy. like most first time parents, all those hours spent awake and in zombie-zone got me thinking about what would be going in to the perfect little body of the child that was now our responsibility […]

out of the fog: part two

out of the fog part two; to read part one of my story, click here.   by december 2011 will and i had a plan. we purchased health insurance for me in the states and i began to travel to ohio where i had grown up and meeting with doctors there. we would seek help […]

the day i found out i had lyme disease

my life with lyme; part one a big huge THANK YOU to all of you who have reached out to lend me some encouragement and support when i shared my lyme diagnosis last week. one thing you are always immensely grateful for as an invisible illness patient is support- when it comes. sadly, most people […]

desperate times call for desperate measures

…desperate times call for desperate measures. i’ve been thinking a lot about this phrase lately. it seems to be something i feel at least once a month. it’s inevitable. there’s a cyclical piece to my invisible illnesses (yes, plural) and knowing that the increase in symptoms, emotions and pain is coming is days away is […]

FEATURED:: the mighty- to those who say there’s no real diagnosis for my symptoms

this past april, i had the pleasure of being featured as a writer on one of my favorite autoimmune and chronic illness websites. check out the feature here and feel free to share with anyone you think it may encourage or support. love to you all!

how to hire (or fire!) your doctor

how to hire [and fire!] your doctor- 4 tips on how to have the best relationship with your care provider! i hear time and again how patients are frustrated with their doctors and how they wish their doctors knew more, listened more, cared more. but here’s the question that i want to pose to you- […]

the magic of magnesium

what if i told you i had the magic beans, the cure for your chronic stress and low energy? you’d probably think i was crazy. right? there is no such thing as “magic beans.” in all seriousness though, there is a little known fact that needs to be shouted from every roof top and skyscraper- […]

the beauty of bio-individuality — the most important piece to your healing

while in school to become a certified Integrative Nutrition coach, i was introduced to dozens of dietary theories and the claims of how each one was the “right” one. as my time as a student went on, i realized something- is there really such a thing as the “right” way to eat for the best […]

4 ways to tackle a sick day:: practical tips you can use today

a few days ago, i had a really bad day. i woke up feeling lousy, took one look out the window and realized that the day’s weather wasn’t going to help. anyone else like that? sometimes that darn barometric pressure is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. bad days aren’t something we can plan […]