review:: the bowen therapy

For several weeks now, I have been trying a few new therapies to see if I could help my body in a new way. As you all know, I believe that true healing from a chronic illness happens when you are willing to work with your emotions and past baggage, not only the physical side […]

blood sugar- one of the worst mistakes you can make

My health finally took a change for the better with one simple change three years ago. After 9 months of postpartum chaos, I invested in a health coach who specialized in hormonal health. Within 3 days of our first session and her initial suggestions, I was feeling better. Within two weeks, I knew I was […]

the biggest lessons i’ve learned from lyme disease

It’s been a little over a year now since I found out that Lyme disease was likely the root cause of my autoimmunity and chronic illness. At that time, I had already worked with a few clients who had Lyme and their stories were resonating with me in a deep way. Though I was already […]

FACING THE FEAR:: what if i never get better?

  let me ask you this- what if you do? fear comes in many forms, usually as a result of an insecurity. i say this all the time to my tribe- fear is the result of a lack of trust in ourselves to escape a situation unchanged. we love and crave what is familiar, what […]

FACING THE FEAR:: going gluten free

continuing my three part series on facing the fear, here is my take on how to easily make one of the most common diet changes a doctor may suggest to you.  “go gluten free? you have got to be kidding!”- me, four years ago. i was living in canada at the time but in ohio […]

FACING THE FEAR:: managing your daily meds/supplements list

“lisa, i have so much i have to take throughout the day to stay on my protocol. i cant handle the amount of supplements, pills, powders and drops anymore!” the other week i got into a conversation with several friends who are living with lyme disease and this same topic came up with all three […]

dear weary warrior; what i’ve learned as a lyme disease patient

dear weary warrior, i have been where you are right now. emotionally exhausted, body in pain, feeling like you are trying to see through eyes covered with ten layers of saran wrap. your brain is foggy and you aren’t sure what you are even thinking anymore. the road has already been long but seems to […]

success in your work as a chronic illness patient

i owe you an apology. sometimes, i make the assumption that everyone with a chronic illness does NOT work. and my suggestions, tips and recommendations can reflect that. but the reality is that we all have bills to pay and we all have responsibilities. and some days, our symptoms and diagnosis play a big part […]

featured:: life with lyme podcast interview + the 3 most important pieces needed to heal

a few months ago i had the pleasure of being interviewed by avril & alex from the diamond body image team on my life with lyme disease and how i make every day a positive one as a mom, patient and business owner. we talked about diet, exercise and my every day habits that keep […]

how to have a successful ER trip with a chronic illness

knowing the appropriate time to go to the ER and seek additional help while having a chronic health issues is one of the most frustrating issues i see when talking with my clients. it can be overwhelming, scary and unfortunately- a waste of time and resources. i put together this list after my last ER […]