Life with Lyme disease is incredibly confusing, frustrating & just plain hard.

That’s why I teamed up with Jillian Warwick, my very own Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, to offer a course in getting some control back from the “hijacker disease” as I affectionately call it.

We’re offering 6 weeks of in depth counseling and coaching on using food as medicine, troubleshooting the most vital pieces to your recovery, and lots and lots of clarity. You’ll have one appointment with each of us each week, in order to build momentum and experience a breakthrough in all things Lyme related – your mind, body & soul!

We want to see you stable. We want to see you soaring, despite your diagnosis. We want to see you living well beyond any lab test result. And we aren’t over-promising in saying that it IS possible.

living with lyme: 6 weeks to stability

  • 60-minute, one-on-one, weekly virtual session with your health coach
  • 30-minute, one-on-one, weekly virtual session with your NTP
  • email Q&A support, one each per week, for the duration of the program
  • supplemental resources & recommendations fitting to your individual needs

we’ll be covering:

  • WEEK 1 – stress management on every level:: body, mind & soul
  • WEEK 2 – restorative rest:: sleep the way it is meant to happen
  • WEEK 3 – critical detoxification:: purging what doesn’t serve you, internally & externally
  • WEEK 4 – smart supplementation:: supportive measures to support healing
  • WEEK 5 – reduce inflammation:: simple solutions to start seeing recovery happen!
  • WEEK 6 – digging deeper:: clarity & focus to live well beyond today

benefits of the program:

  • learn holistic management tools for your symptoms & be empowered through knowledge of the science behind the symptoms in your body
  • be educated on proper detox methods, stress management techniques & mindful healing for YOUR bio-individuality
  • enjoy better quality sleep, rest & recovery – the vital recovery pieces you need to master
  • gain confidence & clarity in yourself & your individual treatment plan, now & going forward!

wanna know more?

How others have succeeded from working with us:

“I learned things that i have never heard from my doctors – and I have worked some of the top doctors out there! I am so excited to start implementing my new plan and feeling much more confident in my treatment choices & plan now.” ~ Jen, California

“When I started in the program, I had hit a plateau in my healing from Lyme disease and several coinfections. New symptoms had popped up and I was feeling fearful, overwhelmed and confused. I knew I wanted to focus on my food and use it as the therapeutic medicine it is. everything I learned helped me simplify exactly what I needed to focus on every day and narrowed down my supplements to only what was necessary, not wasted. Within 10 days I was feeling completely different. 2 weeks in I was feeling the best I ever had – even before I got sick. My sleep was stellar, I could tell my supplements were working and my digestive symptoms were gone. I tried several new foods and loved them. I found a hybrid diet that was beneficial yet not depriving. As we continued to tweak several roadblocks came up but the coaching made them easy to deal with and kept me focused on simple every day steps to keep me moving on. I accomplished my goals and will continue to use the info and tools for as long as I am healing. I am forever grateful for the help and simplicity I learned during our 6 weeks together.” ~ Lisa, Ohio

“This program helped prep me for the biggest fight of my life. I can now say that I’m ready to kill these resilient little suckers! I’ve got my battle plan and I step onto the frontlines tomorrow!” ~ Bethany, New Hampshire

⇒ are you ready for stability in just 6 weeks?

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program value: $1997

*4.5% processing fee per electronic payment

LIVING WITH LYME:: 6 WEEKS TO STABILITY is now open for enrollment. Your investment of $1249 reserves your spot in this life-changing program. We can’t wait to help you move out of the fear and into the next level of healing available to you!