mistakes i see people make:: real food, real progress

This is the final in a three part series. Read the first two posts here and here


When I first thought of the idea for this series, I was hesitant to post it. I didn’t want to be sending anyone into a tailspin and making them questions themselves. Then I realized, that is my job. I’m a coach. It’s my responsibility to point out inconsistencies and challenge the thought patterns of my clients. It is also my position as a leader that makes it required for me to share these with my audience, client or not. When you read today’s post, as with the two before, please keep an open mind and be willing to hear.

The final biggest mistake I see people make every day is: not being willing to change what you are eating.

Food is fuel. It is that simple. What enters your body is what feeds your body—or your disease. That is a fact. If you are a science led person but are still having the sugar, the alcohol, the gluten, you can’t complain about how awful you are feeling each day. You just can’t.

I recently got a question via Instagram from someone asking for my recommendation of a greens based powder. They laughed and labeled themselves as picky and said they didn’t want to “eat rabbit food” each day. I told her the truth- that there is no powder I recommend over simply starting slow and incorporating more greens into your meals.

Tribe, listen up. I love you but you have to realize that NO man made product will take the place of a vegetable on your plate. None. (I do recognize that there are some reading this who survive from a feeding tube and liquids only diets; this person was not one of them.) Stop relying on drinks or pills packed with additives and fillers, labeled as “sports nutrition” to help you heal. Quit buying cans of protein powder and think you’ve checked the box. Your body deserves better than that.

Those who are chronically ill have a severe mineral deficiency. A body that is worn down and depleted looks for food it is programmed to break down organically—real food, from gardens and farms and fields. Not a shelf, package or can. It needs real vitamins, minerals and oxygen to repair. Orient each day’s food around these four NO’s:

-No alcohol

-No sugar

-No caffeine

-No gluten

If reading that makes you want to throw a fit, then check yourself. You say you are sick of feeling horrible day in and day out. You say you want to get better. If you can’t follow through on that desire by starting with your diet than buckle up. You aren’t going to see healing any time soon. Because I am committed to the truth, I have to tell you this. Like I talked about in the two posts in this series, your recovery is up to YOU. Everything is in your power to get better—ALL of it. Mindset, diet and protocol follow through are all up to you to execute. Not anyone else.

If reading that list confuses you, let’s talk. If you aren’t sure how those things impact your body then let me connect the dots for you. I am now taking 1:1 coaching clients for 2018. If education is what you need, then I am happy to teach. You deserve to get well.


What diet changes made the most impact on your healing? What did you think of this series?

mistakes people make:: the doctor’s job isn’t what you think

IT’S THE DOCTOR’S JOB TO HEAL ME– this is the second in a three part series on mistakes I see people make. Part one can be found here.


You most likely will not enjoy this post. Because I love you, I need to be honest with you. Too many people spend their days clouded in the turmoil of chronic illness but choose to waste their precious energy on things that do not get them any closer to healing. They talk for hours about the injustice of the medical system, how horrible their last appointment was and wish ill of those in the medical field. Today I am going to share a hard truth with you. Stick with me, I’m getting somewhere. Ready? Here it is:

It is not the doctor’s job to heal you.

That’s right. It’s not.

Doctors get a bad rap from most people who have been ill longterm. They are overworked individuals who are often run into the ground physically themselves. I believe that each of them went into healthcare truly wanting to help others. But what happens when they finish their first 4 years of medical school? They are told to choose a speciality and they spend the rest of their education learning only about that speciality.

Here is another hard truth: The entire body is connected.

Friends, we can not expect to go to a specialist and learn how all of our symptoms are tied together. If we have been sick for a while, our entire body is affected. Not just one system or area of our body. We can not expect to go to a one doctor, hear the diagnosis, get the cure, and then go on with life in one or two appointments. Did we go to only one school? No. We went to elementary, middle, then high school. Most of us went on to college. We picked a major and spent four years learning about that major. If I graduated with an English degree, don’t come to me with calculus questions- I probably won’t know the answer! It takes stages of learning to graduate with a degree. Likewise, it takes stages of healing for us to achieve full remission. This means it will likely take several care providers to walk the recovery road with us.

Some of us have found incredible practitioners who go above and beyond for us. These individuals make us feel cared for and help us find answers. The difference is US- we, the patients. Patients who are open to experimenting with different protocols, ready to make changes and stick with them, excited to learn, learn, learn—these are the patients who get better. Practitioners who are committed to their cases practice medicine in a different way than the ‘normal’ medical system, therefore, we have to be open to different ways of treating our diagnoses. When we trust our care provider, following their recommendations (and sticking to them!) is easier. When we start to see the results, it’s downright easy.

In my health coaching, I work with my clients to empower them to know how to read and learn from their doctors. I teach you specific language and actions that encourage your doctor to work with you, as an equal, not someone above you. We spend a lot of time on teaching you to read your body and knowing what to bring your doctor to help them make informed decisions for your care that bring results.

I want you all to know today, that you CAN get better. But it is YOUR job. Not your doctor’s.

Your doctor is there to help guide your ship. They know what they know- but they don’t know you. You know you. If you sit quietly during your appointments, don’t ask questions or give them feedback then chances are, you won’t make headway as fast as you could. If you stop listening to them once you are out of the office, you can’t expect them to be responsible for what does or does not happen afterwards.

I don’t believe doctors deserve the harshness that gets thrown their way from disappointed patients. Are some truly careless? Probably, as with any type of person. But let’s change the cycle and give them the benefit of the doubt. They are trying to help you. Our job is to give them as much solid information as possible to enable them to make the decisions that will most benefit us. To do that, we have to step away from the negativity and into our power. We have spend our energy on gathering information about our body’s state every day – that action is NEVER wasted.

Knowing when to trust your doctor’s judgement and when to trust your own is the biggest breakthrough you can make in your recovery. Ready to get that for yourself? I’m taking 1:1 clients for 2018. Email me today to schedule your free consultation call and we’ll see what we can make happen for you.

What do you think? Is it your doctor’s job to heal you?

mistakes people make: the #1 thing that needs to change

MISTAKES I SEE PEOPLE MAKE- this is the first in a 3 part series about the biggest errors I see made in the chronic illness world. whether you are a patient or supporting someone who is a patient, you’ll want to read on to learn what these obstacles are and why they are so important to address!


Doubting Thomas. Have you ever been called that before? I can’t count the amount of times I would be sharing my concerns about my health to someone in my life and have them make a remark about how I needed to doubt or fear less and be more positive. While I do believe in the power of positive thoughts, I don’t believe that it alone can heal someone. Action must follow those thoughts, actions that become habits, actions that become foundations. Only then can an individual find new footing and be able to rise above their circumstances. About 5 years ago, I was finally able to see this piece for myself and move out of the fear filled mindset I had with my entire life. Taking huge steps forward to living my life again was terrifying at first, but I quickly became addicted to it. The end result was always worth the investment of faith I put into it!

Think of it this way- if you were driving in a snowstorm and accidentally end up off the side of the road in a snowbank, you wouldn’t stay there until the storm passes, freezing and starving, right? You would do everything in your power to get to safety! You might use your phone to call a tow truck or the shovel in your trunk to dig yourself out. You might even choose to abandon your car and walk up the road a bit to the gas station or diner nearby. My point is that you would have to take an action outside of your usual method of merely pressing the gas and expecting your car to go- in this situation, your normal method of transportation, the car, is stuck in the snowbank and can no longer serve you. All that will happen when you press the gas is that your tires will get a great workout but ultimately, go nowhere.

Changing your mindset is a lot like being stuck in that snowbank. When you are feeling overwhelmed and frozen by your current health situation, the first area you need to address is what is playing in your head. Chances are, what is keeping you from taking decisive action are doubts about what action to take! Maybe you can’t see past being a victim or product of the medical community’s failures. Or perhaps you have absolutely no support and don’t know how to go about being your own person.

Refusing to address this area of life is by far the #1 mistake I see people make in their search for wellness. You can not expect to get and stay well unless you open yourself up to new possibilities of thinking, speaking, or being. Healing is hard enough. It takes a LOT of blood, sweat and tears. Shorten that pain, time and financial stress by investing in yourself—look at your ENTIRE state of being and resolve to do whatever it takes dig yourself out of that snowbank.

Don’t continue to alienate friends, family and opportunities by not helping yourself where you are able.

Refuse to lose any more than you already have.

Become open to the truth that there are multiple ways to achieve remission- and that your way isn’t working.

Oftentimes life gives us lessons we need to learn- if we find ourselves experiencing the same pain over and over, we haven’t learned what we need to change to move past that pain.

Are you ready to feel something other than hurt, fear and doubt? I’m now taking 1:1 clients for 2018. I’ll teach you exactly what you need to learn to elevate your mindset and in effect, change your entire life. My clients are breaking through their roadblocks and taking their lives into their own hands- where it belongs! Email me to get started today! lisa@abundantlifeandwellness.org