what to do when you can’t do anything, part 2

I’m a big believer in taking responsibility for your own health. Even if you can’t afford treatment or if you haven’t been able to find a doctor yet, there are dozens of ways you can make strides in your recovery on your own. This is part two to the topic I first posted earlier this week here. I got some many great suggestions to add to the original list that I just had to share!

-Oxygenate your home by bringing in plenty of plants. Allow them to do what they do best and clean the air of toxins so that you are breathing in quality oxygen.

-Create a sanctuary in your bedroom. Allow only calming, soothing colors/textures/items in there. No screens, stress or drama allowed. Make it an instantly calming experience each time you walk in.

-Get outside. Nature walks, grounding/earthing, meditating in the breeze. Studies show that getting outside for 20 minutes a day or more has a healing effect on our bodies. Plus, the indoor air is much more toxic than outside- take a break and soak up some natural medicine outdoors!

-Affirm yourself. Making a consistent practice of journaling things you are grateful for and affirmations about your healing are a great way to rewire your brain and introduce higher vibrations into your frequency.

-Swap out all of your household cleaners, personal care products and cooking utensils for non toxic materials. Essential oils, silicone containers and white vinegar + baking soda make this an easier task than you think!

-Tap into your creativity. Painting, coloring, sculpture making, scrapbooking and crafting are all great ways to pass your time, but also to spark a fire in the underactive parts of your brain that slow down while being chronically ill. Making time for creative activities will always leave you feeling calmer, happier and more positive.


I hope you enjoyed this two part series! Still something that should be added? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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