traveling with your diagnosis

Recently, I spent a weekend with friends out of town. Since I wasn’t the only one with a chronic illness diagnosis going, I thought sharing how I coordinated with the others to make sure I had everything I would make a helpful blog post!

First, we planned all of our meals ahead of time. This helped us put together everyone’s restrictions and preferences and allowed us to bring as much as we could from home, cutting down on possible cross contamination and cost. We also made a list of items to bring that we would all share: one juicer, a crock pot, one single container of bone broth protein, etc.

We also made a rough plan of activities that allowed for flexibility for everyone going. Those who needed some afternoon siesta time (me!) were able to take that time for ourselves, without missing out on things we wanted to do. Obviously, flexibility is key here, but it worked well for us.


Here are some other things to put in place for a successful trip away from home::

-Pack the go bag. This will be within close reach in the car or on the plane so you want it to have all your essentials in it: any medications, oils and other doses you will need to take while traveling. Also include a warm scarf or jacket, water and any aid that will help if anxiety arises. Don’t forget snacks! Sunglasses and a hat in case of overstimulation of your senses is always a good idea. I like to keep Alka Seltzer Gold, bergamot EO and my beanie in mine; this all bring a sense of comfort to me.

-Be prepared to struggle. If you can accept before hand that you may experience a sense of discomfort or even panic when leaving your safe place, it can make the rest of the trip much easier. Traveling is hard on your body AND your mind. Accept that symptoms may show up in the process—both physically and mentally.

-Keep your eye on the prize. You deserve to have a great time. Allow for plenty of time to travel and give yourself the chance to orient and settle in once you reach your destination. Don’t jump right into the activities. Rehydrate, remineralize, and rest.

-Open yourself up. Mentally, approach the trip as a way to make new positive memories, laugh and relax outside of your usual scene. Let your guard down and allow the good to flow to you! Note what thought patterns go through your head while you are away from home. Journal about anything that seems to resonate with you. Reflecting outside of our normal spaces can bring about incredible breakthrough. I can’t tell you how many clients have come to me after getting some time away to reflect and organize their ideas.


Taking a trip can be a great way to raise your inner vibration and fast track healing. If you’ve been unsure about giving in to that wanderlust, go for it! Don’t let a “limitation” keep you stuck. There’s nothing a little planning can’t break through.

Need help prepping for a getaway? Email me for more suggestions on how to make it go great!

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