review:: bowen therapy- updated

It’s been 6 weeks since I started using the Bowen therapy in my routine. So much has changed! I am sleeping great, experiencing less headaches and definitely less stressed and more centered. Who doesn’t love that? One of the biggest improvements though is this: My 15 year old knee injury that left me numb in that area is actually waking up- I can feel it for the first time since the surgery! All from just four, yes FOUR, sessions.

I have gotten a lot of questions about my experience with Bowen, which is the purpose of this post. I feel like my first review here didn’t do enough justice to the technique now that I have a few more appointments under my belt!

When I first started working with my therapist, my biggest complaints were the cyclical insomnia, chronic headaches and repeated ovarian cysts. Clearly, my hormones needed some extra support outside of what I was already doing for them. The first session helped decrease my headaches and got me back to sleeping more than 3-4 hours a night. The second one was more pelvic focused and my PCOS symptoms vanished. I haven’t thought about them since!

The best result for me, is the feeling of peace and calm after our time is done. Bowen isn’t massage necessarily, but it carries all the benefits of it afterwards. There is a definite sense of grounding I feel in the days after that helps me stay focused and productive. I love the very real “feel” of improved circulation and inflammation being repaired after each set of acupressure points is opened up. I love the sense of my energy flowing through me instead of being stuck and stagnant. My initial complaints before I started are definitely vanishing.

Bowen therapy wonderfully complements my mindful approach to my healing. I know I’ll be using it for years to come as I continue to progress. With each session, my therapist points out areas to nourish and how to be more aware of my trouble spots before they become symptomatic. Who doesn’t love a partner in their recovery? I’m blessed.

Bottom line, if you haven’t already, try Bowen. It’s gentler than massage or cranial sacral therapy so there is no worry of a Herx effect afterwards. It is detoxing without being negative and restoring without being depleting. You’ll love it!

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