blood sugar- one of the worst mistakes you can make

My health finally took a change for the better with one simple change three years ago. After 9 months of postpartum chaos, I invested in a health coach who specialized in hormonal health. Within 3 days of our first session and her initial suggestions, I was feeling better. Within two weeks, I knew I was finally getting better.

What was the change?

Getting control of my blood sugar roller coaster. Friends, please don’t overlook this important piece to the puzzle. It may seem unimportant– when really, it has the power to literally pivot your healing direction. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring it!

Most people know that disease is caused by inflammation, but they don’t understand how inflammation gets created in their bodies. Stress, lack of sleep and food all play a crucial role. You can control your inflammation each day with the food and supplements you put into your body, thus lowering the stress your body goes through each day by trying to absorb what you eat. This plays a direct role on how well your kidneys, liver and brain can function throughout the day – which has an indisputable impact on your daily symptoms! Managing stress and sleep can be tougher, so for the sake of this blog post, I am going to focus on food.

When I hired my coach, I was still nursing and pumping for my son. Every day was spent being continuously hungry. I was also anemic- which has been linked to milk production, so I spent any free time I had making sure to take care of myself so that I could produce as much as I could. When I was short on time, sleep and energy, I resorted to eating a lot of oatmeal, Cheetos and brownies. Which was often. CRINGE!

The first time I changed was the timing of my food. I started eating smaller meals, more often and still do to this day. This helped me feel less frazzled and crabby in the mornings, especially since Liam was not a good sleeper. I, however, started being able to sleep better by adding the right kind of a bedtime snack. (Don’t knock it, it is actually what some chronic illness patients need!)

Next, I changed the food itself. I ditched the typical American sugar and carb based breakfast completely. Greens, sweet potato and a lean protein became my norm. It may be strange for some to think of, but a dinner type breakfast is what sent my energy soaring and got me feeling like my normal self again. I would prep everything ahead of time and portion out the amounts that morning. My milk production soared, the baby weight disappeared and the intense brain fog? Gone in just 3 days. I felt like a completely different person!

I can’t tell you enough how important it is to get sugar out of your diet. That bagel? Those cocktails? Get rid of them. As soon as they enter your body, they are turned to sugar, which feeds all kinds of microbes and candida and leaves you feel uncomfortable and symptomatic. If you struggle with digestive issues, headaches, mood swings,  shakiness, dizziness- make sure to look at WHAT you are eating, not just WHEN you are eating. Be sure that how you combine your food isn’t sending your blood sugar soaring suddenly. If you are experiencing cravings, dig deeper to find out what your body really needs when it’s saying to grab that chocolate bar. Cut out the junk, or quit expecting to get better. If you don’t clean up your diet, you won’t heal to the ability that is possible. Tough love, but truth.

The last thing my coach taught me in our time together was so invaluable. She showed me how to feed my individual organs. People, it isn’t about filling up your stomach and dashing off to the next activity. It’s about nourishing yourself. Find where you need more support and eat accordingly. Food is powerful! If you are living with an invisible illness, chances are your blood sugar could use some help. Blood sugar spikes and their impact on cortisol, gut health and brain chemistry is too important to ignore.


Not sure if blood sugar swings are a part of your health? Email me and let’s talk about it. I’m sure there are a few tweaks we can make to get you feeling better.

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