FACING THE FEAR:: what if i never get better?


let me ask you this- what if you do?

fear comes in many forms, usually as a result of an insecurity. i say this all the time to my tribe- fear is the result of a lack of trust in ourselves to escape a situation unchanged.

we love and crave what is familiar, what is known. there is nothing wrong with that. but if we truly want to get better, that means stepping outside of that familiarity zone and trying something different in order to experience a breakthrough on our healing and begin to feel better.

that’s where my mantra comes from: courage first—then conquer.

how? do all you can to access your courage. we all have it within us, no matter how deep down it may be buried. set yourself up for success. raise your mindset. believe you will get better.

then, take that baby step. then the next and the next. all the way gathering information, gauging how you feel and staying open to the possibilities. in this way, you can not fail. you can only learn. and the more knowledge you have, the better you understand yourself, your body and your diagnosis, which helps you narrow down on what direction to go in next.

no matter what you have NOT tried it all. there is ALWAYS another way.

so, my dear, what if you DO get better? even just a little bit. is it not worth it? is this not YOUR life?

this is the last in our facing the fear blog post series. what did you learn? what are you going to begin to implement? as always, i am here for you if you need it. send me an email and i’ll respond within 48 hours.

courage courage courage,