FACING THE FEAR:: managing your daily meds/supplements list

“lisa, i have so much i have to take throughout the day to stay on my protocol. i cant handle the amount of supplements, pills, powders and drops anymore!” the other week i got into a conversation with several friends who are living with lyme disease and this same topic came up with all three of them.

i totally get it.

each doctor’s appointment brings anxiety and stress as it is. leaving the office with new additions to our pill stash and then trying to introduce the new aids brings more anxiety- what will this pill do? how will i feel taking it? am i actually going to get better or is this going to be the rest of my life?

again, i totally get it. i still feel those fears sometimes!

over the next few weeks i’ll be blogging my answers to the top 3 questions i get from people– questions that all stem from fear in the life of a chronically ill person. i hope you’ll find this series helpful and insightful! for now, read on to see exactly what i shared with my friends- my best tips to condensing the daily meds list and making it more manageable!



  1. shrink the list as much as possible. talk with your doctor(s) and ask what supplements you can combine together to be taken in one dose. this can take a little creativity but isn’t difficult. your doctor will help you figure out spacing, interactions and ideal dosage times for your bio-individuality.

don’t forget that incorporating certain foods into your diet can be enough to replace the need for a pill or powder. for example- nutritional yeast! i gave this suggestion to a friend because it’s packed with b vitamins, anti microbial properties and actually battles the bad yeast overgrowth we can have in our guts. plus, it tastes like cheese! who doesn’t love that?

(one caveat- make sure you have already introduced the individual items to your body first to gauge your tolerability before combining it with something else. you want to make sure you know what is the trigger if new, negative symptoms start occurring and you need to do some detective work.)


  1. use your blender. smoothies are your friend here! if you don’t have a good pair of cuticle or kitchen scissors, get some. then start blending up your favorite smoothies—and add your pills. veggie or gelatin caps are easy to twist open and pour the contents into your snack. gel caps usually need a bit more effort, hence the scissors. i’ll use a piece of greens like a kale or spinach leaf to clean the capsule out as best as possible and give the gel something to cling to instead of the sides of the cup where they can still be, even after being blended.

check with your doctor on which parts of your protocol can be combined together and incorporate a smoothie at the suggested time. and be sure to keep the smoothie blood sugar friendly, or you’ll just be creating another problem!


  1. check for different forms of the harder to tolerate items. look for drops, powders or tinctures if you’d rather not be swallowing huge pills but don’t mind weird tastes. lastly- CREAMS! loves, the nutritional supplement world is catching on and making it easier for us. check with your pharmacy, local compounding pharmacy or naturopath to see what options you have available to you! i am willing to bet you will be surprised!


not sure where to start? i’d suggest your local compounding pharmacy—these are often a wealth of information and will host free classes and events as well as 1:1 sit downs with the pharmacists themselves. i’ve taken advantage of these offers several times and often have experienced a breakthrough after a counseling session because of the knowledge and expertise the pharmacist has.


was this helpful for you? what changes can you make to make your protocol easier to manage? shoot me an email and let me know!

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