success in your work as a chronic illness patient

i owe you an apology.

sometimes, i make the assumption that everyone with a chronic illness does NOT work. and my suggestions, tips and recommendations can reflect that. but the reality is that we all have bills to pay and we all have responsibilities. and some days, our symptoms and diagnosis play a big part in hampering those efforts to work. today, i put together a list of strategies you can implement right away to see your days be more productive AND your body still get the care it needs. read on!


3 strategies for success in your business

  1. downloading: set a timer for 15-20 minutes before bed. go room to room in the house doing the LITTLE things. a load of laundry in the dryer, the bills separated from the mail, lunches made for the next day, supplements organized for next doses, etc. this concept comes from lara casey, who is a total genius. no screens or getting sucked into the tv. prep for the coming day by sorting through those crucial, daily tasks that need to be done– so they don’t hamper you by creating stress, frustration or negativity in the future! remember, all three of those things i just mentioned create inflammation in the body, which leads to more disease. we don’t need that!
  2. install a morning + evening routine. i don’t know about you, but if my day doesn’t start with my devotions/prayer time, journaling and yoga, the rest of my day feels rushed and stressful. getting up 30 minutes before my son does to work on my soul and mindset work makes a HUGE difference in my productivity, focus and energy levels– which in turn, makes a big difference in my business. more clients get helped, more work gets done, more bills get paid.
    in the evenings, i have a rule: when liam is gone to bed, i am done for the day. no more work. sleep is my top health priority. yours may be different, but for me, it’s sleep. so i have a rule that our bedtime routines start at 8 pm. liam goes down first, then i continue on with my sleep producing activities and lights out by 10.
    the point is, pick what feels right for you and focus on actions that will produce a 100% success rate in those areas. start and end your day on those actions, and what happens in between won’t matter!
  3. follow a schedule…for your self love and self care. sound crazy? maybe. but building on the two principles above, YOU are your most important asset. your health, time, energy are your biggest resources. to stay strong and the master of your diagnosis, you need to set time aside every single day to make sure you are putting yourself first. set an alarm in your phone or calendar and squeeze in that time- it is crucial to your success!
    for me, i have 4 alarms throughout the day where i stop, stretch, take some frankincense EO, drink a ton of water and make sure i grab a healthy snack to have nearby. i also have a carved out block of time every day where i don’t schedule any commitments- its MY time. that insures that i can nap, run an errand, do some yoga or simply veg out if i need it.


your  biggest takeaways should be this: YOU come first. you ARE your business. your personal life IS your business life. so make it count. you are important. your health is important. start living like it!

if these concepts seem foreign to you, or you are struggling with finding ways to fit them into your life, reach out! send me an email and i’ll help!

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