the beauty of bio-individuality — the most important piece to your healing

while in school to become a certified Integrative Nutrition coach, i was introduced to dozens of dietary theories and the claims of how each one was the “right” one. as my time as a student went on, i realized something- is there really such a thing as the “right” way to eat for the best possible chance at health and happiness?
here’s the thing- i believe in seasons of life. not every year of our lives is going to look the same as the year before. we may be facing a promotion or surgery, battling cancer or in the zombie stage of postpartum parenthood. our bodies’ needs and fuel intake is going to change as time goes on- it’s inevitable!
joshua rosenthal, the founder and director of the institute of Integrative Nutrition, came up with the theory of bio-individuality and now teaches it to all of his students. simply put, “one man’s food is another man’s poison.” this idea has resonated with me on a deeply personal level and i tell each of my clients about it in our first session. we were each uniquely born and raised. our bodies are super computers that talk to us, even if we don’t always listen. our ancestry, nutritional needs, job and values all work to give our body it’s own needs. a doctor will prescribe a medication at a certain dosage to all his patients that have the same diagnosis- but does that mean that each of those patients will heal in the exact same way even though they are taking the same pill? not necessarily. [now if said doctor is prescribing squares of chocolate instead of pills, i’m game to try that prescription!]
improving your health is a personal and intimate thing. as a health coach, i subscribe to the theory that there are really TWO types of food- primary and physical, meaning the actual food on your plate. the ideas, activities and notions that feed your heart, mind and soul are primary food- they’ll get you a lot closer towards your goal of optimal health when paired with the nutrition your body needs. it would be my pleasure to work with you on achieving that dream-it IS possible, i promise!
until then, let’s celebrate being US. let’s embrace the beauty of bio-individuality and what makes us special. let’s make love, hope and laughter our nutritional belief. there really is no such thing as normal. so why not rock being you and me instead?

happy healing,