4 ways to tackle a sick day:: practical tips you can use today

a few days ago, i had a really bad day. i woke up feeling lousy, took one look out the window and realized that the day’s weather wasn’t going to help. anyone else like that? sometimes that darn barometric pressure is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.
bad days aren’t something we can plan for. they pop up whenever they want to and often we have no idea why. preparing can be tricky, but not impossible! here are my favorite ways to be ready for when those unexpected days come. be a boy scout and get prepared- you never know when this stuff will be necessary!

1. simplify the grocery shopping.— chores are hard enough to complete when you are dealing with chronic fatigue, pain and side effects. i searched for local businesses i could support who deliver to my house and the result was priceless. i LOVE my grocery deliveries! i use door to door organics and thrive market; both are fantastic companies. door to door gets me all my fresh produce, meat and perishables. everything is organic, extremely affordable and keeps me from running to the store every week. i do my meal planning, log on to the service website, customize my order the day before and voila! by 2 pm my food is waiting on my doorstep, packaged fresh and ready to go. thrive market is my go to for stocking the pantry, liam’s needs and items like apple cider vinegar. thrive is all it is advertised to be, i have saved hundreds of dollars by shopping with them.
to get your own deliveries, try searching online, ask friends and family or call your local store; many places do deliver for a small charge. build relationships at your local farmer’s market as well. these can lead to invaluable and lifechanging opportunities.
there are many other ways to simplify the household chores- what works for you? a cleaning service once a month? getting the kids involved?

2. get organized. – do you have your ICE (in case of emergency) contact in your phone? do you have a list of your doctors, current medications and phone numbers in an easy place for someone to find? do you have a plan of care for your children, pets, or at work in case an emergency happens? is your will and power of attorney completed?
you’ll want to get organized. your stress level will be even higher if you wind up in the ER worrying about who is going to pick the kids up from school or attend your work meeting if you don’t have these systems in place. stress hampers healing so it’s not something you want, or need, to deal with!
let me share a helpful tip: make a binder for all your health records and keep it in an accessible place. i took this one step further and made two binders- one for my notes, doctor visit summaries and medications and one for all the financial stuff. i will be forever glad i did this because the day AFTER i finished them, i had to call 911 and be taken to the hospital. i wasn’t able to speak or move by the time the medics got there, but my family grabbed the binder and brought it to the hospital for my doctors to see. the ER staff was very impressed and able to quickly help after seeing what i was currently taking since i couldn’t tell them myself. they also knew who my neurologist was and how to page him because all of that info was in the binder.
in your finance binder, put together all of your receipts, medical bills and claims. make sure you are taking detailed notes any time you speak with your insurance company. stay on top of your claims and reimbursements! you can set a time several times a year to put together your claims to submit- i do this every 60 days. you are entitled to your benefits—take advantage of them!
take care of these seemingly small details. you will only reap the benefits going forward.

3. the 11 am deadline. – i learned this trick in a class from IIN and i just love it. as an autoimmune patient, it is likely that the best you feel during a day is right after you wake up. that isn’t to say that you are full of energy and raring to go- rather that, the little energy you have managed to conserve the night before by sleeping is available to be used. try setting a deadline, like 11 am, and tackling one or two big things that need to get done. the little things can be completed throughout the day as you are able. if you can approach most of your days like this, you will be less likely to fall behind on things like housework and errands. that way, when a bad day hits, you can relax, knowing you won’t be falling terribly behind by taking the time to rest and recover like your body so obviously needs.

4. remember, a bad is just that. a bad day. it will pass. it will end. and taking time to lie down is NOT bad. you are listening to your body and giving it what it needs- even if that is endless netflix episodes and several naps throughout the day. rest. heal.

i hope these help you be able to approach a sick day with a little less stress. i will sum it up like this- whatever you do today, will affect you tomorrow. stay conscious and mindful of what your body is trying to tell you. fill it with quality food, love and relationships and those sick days won’t be coming around as often.
did you try any of these tips? how did it go? share in the comments below!