health coach FAQs! – how a health coach can benefit you

it’s friday! hooray for the weekend! later today i am meeting with a new client; i can’t wait to get started working with her! because i was thinking of all the things i have to share, i realized that this would be a perfect blog post. just what is health coaching? how can it help you? what do I bring to the table as a coach? i’ll answer those questions today::

What is health coaching?
Health coaching is the number one growing career field in the world right now. More and more people are seeing the need for lifestyle changes in order to live the lives they dream of. It IS possible! But because of the overwhelming information out there, it can be hard. The medical professionals such as doctors and nurses are overworked and regulated by insurance companies on how much time they can spend with each patient. This creates a frustrating gap where the patient is left to sort out their feelings and limitations with their diagnosis—then they have to figure out how to live with those frustrations until the next doctor’s appointment, when they hope their questions and concerns can be heard, validated and given instruction. (Doctors are also trained on certain areas of wellness but not all and that can cause even more confusion.)
This is where coaching comes in handy. As health coaches, we try to provide the bridge between that gap keeping doctors and patients apart. We work with you and your healthcare team to help you adjust to your diagnosis and know how to read your body, symptoms and educate you on how to support yourself through those needs. We are not anti western medicine. We are PRO education, PRO empowerment and PRO support of the patient learning to trust in themselves and their bodies to live energetic, happy lives. If this can be achieved holistically and at home, what a benefit! But it is certainly not a requirement. I like to use the example of a doula- no matter where you give birth, hospital, birthing center, home, that doula will be by your side, encouraging you and lending you strength to do the work of labor and give birth to a precious new life. That essentially is health coaching.
Most people are really seeking a proper education. It has been my experience that once you can set them off in the right direction, they will steer themselves forward and make breakthrough after breakthrough that they didn’t even know was possible.
Your diagnosis shouldn’t limit you. Not knowing what is going on with your body is not acceptable. You deserve to know what is going on. That’s why I am here.

How can having a health coach help me?
Say you just left the doctor’s office. He says you have a thyroid disorder and you will need medication for the rest of your life. Your head is spinning. You aren’t sure you even understand what the thyroid does, let alone why it isn’t working properly. Now you’re faced with filling a prescription for the rest of your life. Is swallowing this little pill going to fix your disorder? You’ve been feeling awful for so long, you’re feeling desperate at this point. But why is it that one little pill is all the doctor thinks it will take to make you feel better? Isn’t there more you can do? Is your disorder what is causing x, y, z symptoms? How can you make sure this prescription gets rid of all your physical struggles?
Lots of people feel like this. Overwhelmed, hopeful, nervous… having a coach to support you through this transition of learning to learn with your diagnosis can provide all the support you need. A coach can help you learn to feel confident about your diagnosis and how to read your body in order to maximize healing. There are so many tools and methods we can teach you!
Even if you desire to live a healthier lifestyle, balance your hormones, achieve fertility, or lose weight—ANY reason you have to want to feel better, live longer and happier deserves the support to see that dream come true.
As health coaches, we love to come alongside you and help you make small but lasting changes to help move you forward towards that goal. Having a fresh set of eyes often helps to help you narrow down triggers and trouble spots that keep you from gaining that momentum. And we don’t just talk about nutrition! Health coaches are all encompassing- we are trained and taught on navigating relationships, career goals, self care—basically anything that impacts your health, physically and emotionally. We are part teacher, part cheerleader and part friend. It’s the perfect balance!

Ok, Lisa, what makes you a great coach?
The answer is simple. I’ve been there. I’m still there. I’m an autoimmune & Lyme disease patient myself so I believe I bring a unique understanding to my clients who struggle with their body attacking itself in all the various ways that it can. I lived for years not knowing what was going on with my body and feeling like I was failing everyone around me because I couldn’t handle simple everyday tasks or occasions in the same way everyone else could. Enrolling at IIN was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was already making strides in healing, but the education provided by IIN and world wide experts on all the different areas of wellness put me so much closer to that goal of healing myself and teaching others to do the same. I have been in private practice for 8 months now and make it a point to make this as comfortable, affordable and educational as possible.
I know what it is to wake up from the fog of ‘this is just my life’ and realize that you have all the power to make it better. I have spent years slowly changing my pantry, medicine cabinet and lifestyle to bring myself and my family closer to optimal health. The empowerment that comes from each step forward keeps me going. I’m not perfect by any means, but I am so glad I know now what true nutrition is, how to holistically boost my immune system, what types of habits will benefit me at any given time. Every day I’m working towards breaking free of this autoimmune diagnosis. It will happen. I am 100% confident because I have all the tools, support and help I need. And YOU can do it too! I can help.

What do you think? Do you better understand health coaching and its benefits? Want to talk about how I can help you? Get in touch today, I can’t wait to meet you!